How to Add Multi .rar Files

Here is the tutorial of How to add multi .rar file format like Movies_name.part1.rar, Movies_name.part2....
For adding Movies_name.part1.rar file format .You have to need winrar software.
Download Winrar
3.After installing winrar.Open the Movie_name.part1.rar with help of win rar or click on Movie_name.pat1.rar a window will be open like below..

4. Click on Extract To as shown in pic.
5.A window will pop up like below.Click on ok button after some time your full movie will be extract in folder where you had saved.


How To Download Movies From Hotfile

For Downloading movies from hotfile link similar steps will do as we did in Megaupload.
1.Just click on " Click here for hotfile Link".A website will be open.
2.So now search where is hotfile link like
Just copy link,only one at one time.And paste it in new  windows or tab.
3.A website like below will be open just click on "REGULAR DOWNLOAD" button.After clicking a timer will start wait until timer becomes zero.

5.After timer becomes zero a new page  loaded where if ask for fill the captcha then fill it accurately as it is case sensitive so care about it after filling just hit the download button your download will be start soonly.

If you got any problem to download movies then mail me

How To Download Movies From Megaupload

Here is the tutorial of Downloading Movies from Megaupload.

1.Go to Download section.If you want Download Hollywood Movies then Click on Hollywood Movies in Menu.
2.Now Choose Movie which you want to download.After that Click on Click here for Megaupload Link.A website will be open on the website scroll down and search Megaupload Link Like 

Copy link and paste it into new window or tab and hit enter.

3.A website like below will open in this fill captcha accurately and then click on download button.

4.A timer will start like below wait till timer becomes ZERO.
 5.When timer becomes zero at timer countdown a tag REGULAR DOWNLOAD will appear just click on Regular download your downloading will be start soonly.
If you have any problem for downloading movies just mail me

How To Download Movies From Mediafire

Mediafire is another file hosting server.Advantage of downloading movies from Mediafire is it support resume facility and it gives great speed compare to other file hosting server.So I'm gonna tell you how to download movies from Mediafire.

 Go to Download section in my website and click on(click here for Mediafire  Link).After clicking a website will be open now search for Mediafire links.Links are like this

Now copy link and open a new tab or new window and paste it in address bar and hit enter a website will open like this now click on CLICK HERE TO START DOWNLOAD..Your downloading will be start soonly.

How To Download Movies From Rapidshare

Rapidshare is one of the popular direct file hosting server.Many people don't know how to download movies from rapidshare link.
Here I'm gonna write an article how to Download movies from Rapidshare link.
So first we need a Download manager with the help of download manager you can get great speed my favo download manager is Internet download manager here is full version of IDM so download it and install after installation just run the patch and click on patch.

Click here to download IDM

Step 1.
Click on the Rapidshare link(click here for Rapidshare Link in my Download section).

Step 2.
After clicking at link a website will pop up.Now, search where is Rapidshare  Links like this
Copy url at one time copy only one link here is three links so copy only one link after copying, open a new window or new tab.In address bar just paste the link and hit enter.

Step 3
Now a website will be open.Click on free User and wait until timer becomes zero.

Step 3. 
Finally click on Download button IDM automatically take over download. 
Download all rapidshare links one bye one Don't download all links together because rapidshare does not allow free user to download more than one file at a time its only facility for premium users.

Download Hollywood Movies
Download Bollywood Movies
Download Other language Movies with English Subtitle

How To Download Movies From Torrent

Step 1.
 Find a torrent program that will suit your needs, the most common clients are uTorrent, BitTorrent. There are many of other clients available as well.

Step 2. 
Follow the instructions on downloading and installing your chosen client.

Step 3.
Click torrent link which will provide on movies post written as Torrent Link.After going torrent link click on Download torrent. 
Usually, the web browser's file download manager will ask what to do with this file. You want to open the file with your torrent program.

 Step 4.
If it doesn't open that way, just save the .torrent file to an easy to locate place. Then open your torrent client and use the "Open Torrent" feature(Most torrent clients support click & drag).

Step 5
The download will start automatically.

Advantage of downloading movies from TORRENT .
Resume facility.Its the big advantage of torrent server.
You can close your torrent program and turn off your computer when you need to. Most torrent programs will resume download process automatically when you start them back up. If the download doesn't resume automatically, there should be an option to start downloading, by either right clicking on the file and choose "Start" or a button somewhere in the program
Disadvantage of torrent server is bidirectional.In torrent download downloading and uploading bandwidth will be used.So if your ISP provider gives limited bandwidth then your mass bandwidth will be used.For downloading one gigs movies your upload bandwidth may 300Mb to 1gigs (depending on your upload speed) So total bandwidth becomes 1.3 gigs(approx),on the other hand if you choose direct download server then you don't gonna loose this much  bandwidth maximum 1.1 gigs(approx).
Second disadvantage is lower speed compare to direct download servers.